One Nation Under God

“Lord, thank You for this nation. We give You glory for a righteous revolution revival here in America. We praise You for moving on the hearts of your women to unify our voices in Your throne room as we stand, pray, confess, declare, and believe for America to be fully restored as ‘One nation, under God, which makes us indivisible.’ When we are covered by You, Lord, we are unified and indivisible!

We thank You, Father, for unity and we speak Your word because You watch over Your word to perform it! (JEREMIAH 1:12). We confess Your word in Phil. 2:2-5 AMP. Lord, we make Your joy complete by being of the same mind, having the same love toward one another, knit together in spirit, intent on one purpose and living a life that reflects our faith and spreads the gospel – the good news regarding salvation through faith in Christ. We will do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit through factional motives, or strife, but with an attitude of humility being neither arrogant or self- righteous, we will regard others as more important than ourselves. We will not merely look out for our own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Thank You, Father, that we have the same attitude within us which was in Christ Jesus. We look to Jesus as our example in selfless humility. We are unified and walking by Your Spirit and we will reverse the curse over America in the mighty name of Jesus!

Devil and all your demons assigned to America we speak directly to you and we put you on notice today. IN the name of Jesus Christ, you have lost this nation and we resist you. You must flee. We are submitted to God and we know who we are in Christ. America belongs to our God and thus, America belongs to us! You foul spirit in the heavenlies that has come against our nation you must cease and desist in your operations against us. You foul demons I command you in the authority of Jesus’ name, back off! Get away from our nation; get away from our country. This land is our land! This land is God’s land. This is our promised land and you must leave now. You spirits of stupidity, confusion, apathy, division, and strife, we rebuke you; stop it, that’s enough! In the authority of Jesus Christ, we rebuke you! You are finished here in America. Leave now! In the mighty name of Jesus.

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