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Women Of The Nation, RISE!

Please continue to pray for March 2-3, 2018, at the Gilead Healing Center, in Lansing, MI!  We have only begun to advertise and already have over 60 registrations.  The facility will hold 300 (Gideon’s Army) so I can see us filling it long before March!

I continue to hear the Lord say, “Raise up My Army of Women who will stand and pray and not be afraid to face the enemy head on with My Word in prayer and reverse the curse.”

The devil’s ways are simple, to keep us divided and fragmented and we will have little power.  We must fight our way through division and strife and strike back at the enemy through unity and prayer.  Ever since I launched what the Lord told me to do with Women of the Nation I have been under attack.  People who have stood with me as friends and partners for decades are turning on me, becoming offended, confronting me, etc.  I RECOGNIZE THIS AS THE ENEMY.  I refuse to put a human face on the plans and strategy of the devil.  I know whom I am fighting and it is not people.  I am not fighting those I have stood with for years.  I won’t open my mouth to defend myself when I know I have done nothing wrong and the motives of my heart are pure and righteous.  So I take my lead from Jesus who ‘answered them not a word.’ The Lord is my defense.

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