We Stand United Against the Enemy

 In Prayers

Scriptures to pray together:
Psalm 5:12, “For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous (in America); with Your favor You will
surround us as a nation with a shield of Your protection.”

Isaiah 59:19, “The enemy has come in like a flood in our land, but You, the Spirit of the Lord, will lift
up a standard against that enemy.” Thank You, Father God, that Women of the Nation
stand united and we hold up our hands in divine and purposeful worship setting up Your throne once
again over our nation. The enemy has come in like a flood but You have sent him out and we stand
united with You, our shield and protector. Father, Your word says in John 14, and we stand upon
and agree with the words of Jesus. “The devil is coming, but he has nothing in me.” In Jesus’ name
the devil has nothing in or on the righteous of this land called America. We are not in any kind of
covenant or partnership with the devil. We stand united to our God and You stand with us. We are
not afraid. We are strong. Thank You, Father, in Your ancient language You put the word ‘truth’ in
the midst of the word ‘mother’. As mothers of America, we stand and declare and proclaim truth to
our generation and the generation to come. America is God’s land. America is God’s nation. We do
not belong to another king. Jesus Christ is King, Lord, Savior, and God over America! United we
stand, divided we fall. We will not be divided. We stand and declare together unity and we
denounce the demonic stronghold of division over this land.

Why are we here today? To make revolution.

What kind of revolution? A righteous revolution.

How do we do that? By restoring the American family.

How do we restore the American family? By restoring God, as Father of this nation.

How do we restore Father God in America? By taking back our authority in the name of Jesus
and operating in our Holy Spirit power.

How do we do that? By restoring righteousness.

How do we restore righteousness? By worshiping our Father God in spirit and truth, and filling
ourselves up with the Holy Spirit and God’s word.

How do we do that? By promoting righteousness, holiness, purity and the supernatural miracle
working power of God in our individual lives.

In Romans 6:13 You remind us Father, to yield our instruments, our sound, our tone, our worship,
our words to righteousness. Lord, we are the sound of righteousness throughout America. We sound
the declaration of freedom, power, and unity through the mighty name of Jesus. We stand and pray
together all across this nation that America belongs to God! Kingship belongs to You, our Lord, and
You rule over America. (Psalm 22:28). We are a blessed people because our God is the Lord. (Psalm
144:15). Thank You, Father God that You are ready to be sought by those who did not ask for You; You
are ready to be found by those who did not seek You. Father, we seek you for those who don’t know
any better. We stand for the unrighteous in this land that are deceived by the accuser of the brethren.
He has been cast down and silenced in our lives but unrighteous and unholy people still hear his
accusing sound and are deceived by it. Father, we stand in the gap for the deceived Americans who
don’t hear Your voice. Open our ears so we can hear You clearly. Open our eyes so we can see You
plainly. Lord, show Your glory upon this nation and upon the righteous in this land. We thank You,
our Father God, God of this American nation, that you are still on the throne here and with a
remnant of righteous survivors You will show Yourself strong on our behalf.

We thank You, for the fall of demonic kingdoms here in America, and the demonic strongholds of
deception to fall in Jesus mighty name. Reveal Yourself Father. Reveal Your glory. Reveal Your
righteous revolution in this land. Open the eyes of our national, state, and local leaders to see You as
Lord and Savior. Walk the halls and rooms of every government building Father and send angels to
do Your bidding and pleasure among the leadership. Raise up godly leaders on every level of
government and influence Lord and remove ungodly leaders in every area of influence in this land.
Start in Washington, DC and come forth all the way to local government, school boards, and
churches, Father. Clean this nation with Your blood and power. We ask You and we believe You,
that a righteous revolution is here!

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