The Court of Heaven

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An openly hostile war has been declared by almighty God between Satan and all women! Let us take our positions and make the devil pay for what he has tried to do to our homes, families, marriages, children, grandchildren, and ultimately this nation! An enemy of my God is an enemy of mine and I declare open hostility toward Satan and all his offspring in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! (Genesis 3:15)
I was on an airplane this past week and as I have been meditating on the court of heaven, and all the ‘players’ set forth by the word of God, from Jesus Christ as our Mediator and Defense, Satan as the accuser and adversary, God as the Righteous Judge, and ultimately us, God’s women, as the witnesses, giving righteous testimony in open court for America. With all of this revelation so fresh in my mind and spirit the scriptures are jumping off the pages as I read now.

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