A remnant of righteous women will cause the tide to turn!

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Women Of The Nation, Pray!

I am so thankful for you standing with me to pray for America, for our local churches, for righteousness to arise and
darkness to go in Jesus name! I ask that you open your Bible and read Isaiah 3-4-5 and mark these verses please.
I will begin to use them in this letter and letters to follow as I feel the Lord has revealed these verses to me to show the condition of our nation at this very moment. I won’t teach it to you but simply share it with you and let the Holy
Spirit reveal to you the prophetic nature written to describe our nation and what has happened within it and the
restoration coming because of our rising up to stand and pray for America and our great land! A remnant of
righteous women will cause the tide to turn and judgment to be averted for America. I believe this with all my heart.
I believe this is why God has chosen us to stand together and reverse the curse!

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