Warriors Standing Arm in Arm

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To my warriors standing arm in arm with me around this nation!
I see us linked arm in arm ever circling our great land. I see two circles actually. One circle is comprised of women
linked arm in arm circling the entire nation looking inward for enemies of our God and His kingdom while the outer
circle is comprised of women linked arm in arm circling the nation facing outward like the secret service for our Lord
protecting this great nation from enemy attacks from outside our spiritual borders. There are two groups with two
callings and purposes. You are in one of these circles as the Lord instructs you to pray. “We protect God’s kingdom
from the enemies’ attacks both foreign and domestic,” I hear the Spirit of God saying.
This is a very busy season for all of us so I won’t take much of your time today just to say please continue to pray and
do not let down your guard. You are a watchwoman on the wall and we cannot afford a breach in the area you are
assigned. Keep your eyes open and your ears attentive and keep praying the Word of God for it will not return


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