19 In Ancient Hebrew Means Faith

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Happy New Year! 2019 the year of faith!

To my precious warring women worshipers,
Women Of The Nation we are making a difference! Don’t be discouraged! God is on the move and the devil is on
the run. God’s word is working as we are strategically going after the darkness with the power of the Holy Spirit
and the light of God’s word in our mouths!

The #19 in the ancient Hebrew language means faith. This is the divine year of revelation to walk by faith like never
before in your life. Faith is a divine exchange for God’s righteousness! Release your faith and believe God this
year and receive robes of righteousness covering your life! Let’s expand our territory of spiritual influence as we
expand our state borders to pray for our great nation. Don’t forget to pray for each WON Summit already
scheduled and coming up in the first few months of 2019.   Don’t forget to call forth other states and for doors to open to us to establish the Court of Heaven through our WON Summits in more states.

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