Walk By Faith Not By Sight

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Women Of The Nation,
2019 is the year to ‘walk by faith and not by sight’. I have stepped back to reassess where we are in the spirit and the
natural as a move of God. ‘Women of The Nation’ is a move of God and it is my responsibility to continue to seek
His strategies, organize, and unify us as His voice for America before the Righteous Judge.
Thank you, to those who are responding to me. I know you are praying, and I also know out of the over 1300 women
signed up to pray daily with me there is only a remnant who have taken up the mantle to carry forth! Thank you to
those who are faithful to the call of the Lord to stand and pray for our great nation. I encourage you to print out the
prayers and keep them before you.


Click here to read Cheryl’s full letter!

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