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Women Of The Nation Pray!

God is on the move; His glory is rising! In my prayer time I see Him high and lifted up over our nation and I
believe it is because of our prayers and the prayers of other organizations who are listening and obeying in this hour of
need for our nation and God’s people within our nation.

Please don’t forget to make plans to join us in Morganton, NC and Grand Blanc, MI for the next two WON
Summits. I know these locations and times are strategic and organized by the Spirit of God during this season. If
there is any way possible for you to join us, I need you to be there in person! Brochures are available for you to hand
out to those around you. Please call Debbie in our office and ask for them or simply write me at
cheryl@womenofthenation.org and we will send the brochures directly to you! We need your help spreading the

In my last email I asked you to start sending me names of women in your area and your state who are in positions of
leadership and power so we can start calling out their names in the court of heaven. So far, I haven’t received any
names from you but I expect you to get those names to me so I can send them to everyone. In the meantime, we have
pulled a list of female United States senators and representatives, which we will list at the end of this prayer. Please
call these precious names out before our God as Righteous Judge and ask for His mercy, wisdom, and guidance for
each one. I believe the Lord showed me this to be a strategic move for us as women of the nation to pray for those
women who are in authority already!

Click here to read Cheryl’s full letter!

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