Shake the Foundations!

 In Prayers

Let’s pray the word of God together.

Isaiah 6: 1-13

In the year that King Uzziah died, I clearly saw the Lord. He was seated on his exalted throne, towering high
above me. His long, flowing robe of splendor spread throughout the temple. Standing above Him were the
angels of flaming fire, each with six wings: with two wings they covered their faces in reverence, with two
wings they covered their feet, and with two wings they flew. And one called out to another, saying:

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God,
Commander of Angel Armies!
The whole earth is filled with His glory!”
The thunderous voice of the fiery angels caused the foundations of the thresholds to tremble as the cloud of
glory filled the temple!
Then I stammered and said, “Woe is me! I’m destroyed-doomed as a sinful man! For my words are tainted
and I live among people who talk the same way. King Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies! My eyes have
gazed upon Him!”
Then out of the smoke, one of the angels of fire flew to me. He had in his hands a burning coal he had taken
from the altar with tongs. He touched my lips with it and said, “See? The burning coal from the altar has
touched your lips. Your guilt is taken away; your sin is blotted out.”
Then I heard the Lord, saying, “Whom should I send to my people? Who will go to represent us?”
I spoke up and said, “I will be the one. Send me.”
Then He said, “Go and tell the people:
‘You keep listening but understand nothing.
You keep watching but learn nothing.’
Go and preach a message that will make their hearts dull,
Their ears plugged, and their eyes blind.
Otherwise, their eyes will begin to see,
Their ears will begin to hear,
Their hearts will begin to understand,
And they will return to Me for healing and be healed.
Then I asked, “O Lord, for how long?”
He answered, “Until their houses and cities are destroyed and uninhabited and their land a desolate
Until the Lord has exiled them all to a distant country and the entire land lies deserted.”
Yet if even a tenth remains there,
It will be burned again.
It will be like a fallen oak or terebinth tree when it is felled; ‘the stump still lives to grow again.
Now, the ‘stump’ is the holy seed.”

Father, as we say Your word out loud for our ears and Your ears to hear we ask that the experience the
prophet Isaiah had before Your throne be the experience that each of us has before Your throne! Lord, we
need a throne room experience in our personal lives so we can pray in a throne room experience for America
and her people. We must see You high and lifted up enthroned over this nation. We say together that we
are one nation under God. We enthroned above our nation and let Your glory fill us personally, each and
every heart filled with Your glory!

Father, give us eyes to see You, and ears to hear You. Father may there always be a remnant of
righteousness in this land to grow from the stump that has been cut down. We may be down as a righteous
people but we are not finished! We have eyes to see the glory of Your presence. Our eyes have seen the
King and our lips have been cleansed and purified by the coals from the fire of Your altar! Send seraphim
angels across this land and touch our lips to turn our words from ‘woe is me, to Lord, send me!’ Teach of
Father, by Your spirit to focus on You and Your glory and not on the sins of the people in our nation or even
to focus on ourselves as Isaiah did. Father, we focus on You!
We pray that as we see You high and lifted up that Your train, Your robe of righteousness, touch every fiber
of our being as you fill our lives with Your presence. Give us eyes and ears only for You, Lord and we will
not be deterred from Your assignment to take this nation back from unrighteousness and turn this great
people back to You. For our eyes have seen the glory and we will never be satisfied again looking at the sins
of humanity.

You are teaching us how to shift what we see and perceive from earth’s focus to an eternal focus. You are
not far from us but very near! We must become useful people on fire for God, so our focus must not be on
man, or the sin of man, or who we are not. Our focus cannot be the sin of mankind. Our focus must be Your
glory; the very glory of who You are must become our focus!

Focusing on man does not set us on fire. Focusing on man only makes us judgmental, angry, hopeless, and
ultimately unuseful for Your purposes. We must have eyes to see with humble hearts the very essence of
Your Throne Room at all times at work in us, changing our focus from the fallen ways of the earth to the
glory of who You are at all times!

We must have the revelation of Your glory filling the earth. Without this vision, we are only seeing part of
the truth. What fills the earth is Your glory, not the sinfulness of man. This is now! Your glory is filling the
earth right now, but we must have eyes to see it. Father, give Your people eyes to see Your glory right now!

Father, may our praise and worship shake the foundations of wickedness that have tried to establish
themselves here in our nation. We need America and sins’ foundations here to be shaken right now. Our
pure praise and the sound of our worship can and will shake the foundations of humanity, America, and the
earth. Father, may our worship shift the demonic stronghold plates of this nation and reveal the glory of
Your presence that is already here! We must see it, experience it, and hear it to be a part of it! Father, we
want to be part of Your great move of a righteous revolution revival across our nation! We seek You! We
turn our hearts towards You and we see You seated on Your throne and all of America is filled with the glory
of who You are in our land! Thank You, Father God for teaching us how to pray in the courts of heaven to
bring about this great shift! America shall be saved! We prophesy together! America shall be saved! In
the name of Jesus Christ whom we serve and whom we love! Amen.

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