When We Worship God, We Become His Image

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March 16, 2019
Women of the nation, pray!
God is on the move in our land and we must learn to focus on His glory and not on all the things that are happening
around us. I am not saying we are to stick our heads in the sand like ostriches, but I am saying that to stay in the fight
as you are designed to do, Warring Worshiping Women of God, you must focus on His glory and not on the
sinfulness of man. We are ‘hardwired’ to focus on one thing at a time. We cannot look left and right at the same time,
we cannot look back and front at the same time. We cannot look at the future and the past in the same moment. We
must choose what we want to become like, and we focus on that! Why do I say it that way? One of the ancient
Hebrew language definitions of the word worship gives us this word picture to visualize. Whatever we choose to
worship we become. When we worship God, we become His image. When we worship other people we begin to act
like them, look like them, talk like them, etc. When we worship money, we begin to look like money. We become the
very image of whatever we choose to worship. Let us focus on our God, high and lifted up, and His robe fills the
temple of our lives.
We just completed a School of Worship 3 day intensive

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