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April 13, 2019
Women Of The Nation, Pray!
Father, for our precious land we call home, our America, we pray Your word from Psalm 72 and
we ask that You make our president a godly judge like You. Give the president’s staff, cabinet,
advisors, senators, representatives, supreme court justices, and all those in authority in our land,
Father, give them the gift of justice too. Help them all to give true justice to your people in our
nation, honorably and equally to all of us. Father, we have experienced a silencing of Your people
for when we say anything as a stand for righteousness we are accused of being bullies. Father, we
stand for righteousness in America and we ask for the right to speak Your word in every walk of life.
Father, we ask for justice and mercy for those who have opened their mouths to speak for You in
their work place and have lost their positions because of it. Lord, You justify them! You make it right
for every believer in this nation. Cover us with Your blood of protection and send angels with each
one of us as we open our mouths and refuse to be silenced by the enemy. Make our sounds filled with
Your love, mercy, and grace, so that the sound of righteous revolution revival can be heard throughout
America. We don’t want to sound like every other movement trying to fill the air with ungodly
sounds! We want to sound like You, and You alone! Separate us from the ungodly and make a
dividing line by the blood of Jesus from the world’s way of doing and being and us.

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