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May 25, 2019
Women Of The Nation, Pray!
I feel an urgency to gather the remnant of our army of warring women worshipers to arise and take our place. If
you will help me by asking one more woman in your circle of influence to join us in prayer for America I would be
forever grateful. We are approximately 1500 voices strong right now and if each one could reach one more woman to
stand with us we could reach the second tier within the circle the Lord showed me from the beginning of this journey in
September of 2017. We started with 300 women voices strong, and the next tier the Spirit of the Lord showed me
will be 3000 warring women worshipers. We will stand in the gap for our nation, and God’s people within our
nation. It seems an impossible task for me alone, but with each one of us reaching one more woman and sending her to
the web site to sign up to join us in prayer we could reach this second tier of the circle quickly. I know without a
doubt that once we reach the 3000 voices sounding forth God’s declarative Word in our mouths that one level of
demonic stronghold in this nation will drop to the ground! Pray and seek the Lord of who you are to ask; maybe you
are to ask many more than one woman, just obey the Holy Ghost. He will show us!

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