A Call to Arms Through Prayer

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June 8, 2019
Women Of The Nation, Pray!
It’s time for a call to arms through prayer! Jesus’s words are powerful and I want us to call forth in unity and
unison the sounds of His own words used against the enemy who has come to steal, kill, and destroy our land.
America was founded for freedom, religious freedom. This land was established so that all could worship God in
Spirit and Truth! Jesus said these words in John chapter 10 and I will turn them into our prayer today. We must
make a strong stand for righteousness but we cannot do this until the ‘sheep of America’ know the voice of the
Father, awaken Your sheep to the sound of Your voice in our nation. We need Your people in this land to wake up
and take their positions in prayer to protect this great nation for Your glory. Jesus used these words in speaking to
the Pharisees and we will use these words in speaking to the demonic camp that has unleashed an onslaught on Your
people within the borders of America. Righteous people with righteous ears listen to this eternal truth: the person who
sneaks over the wall to enter into the sheep pen, rather than come through the gate, reveals himself as a thief coming to
steal. The true Shepherd walks right up to the gate, and because the gatekeeper knows who He is, he opens the gate
to let Him in. And the sheep recognize the voice of the true Shepherd, for He calls His own by name and leads them
out, for they belong to Him. And when He has brought out all His sheep, He walks ahead of them and they will
follow Him, for they are familiar with His voice. But they will run away from strangers and never follow them
because they know it’s the voice of a stranger.

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