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August 3, 2019
Women of the Nation, Pray the Word of God with me. Let’s give the Righteous Judge something to work with
through our words aligning with His word!
Pray with me!
Father, oh Righteous Judge, Your word is precious and we know You watch over it to perform it. We site
precedent using The Passion Translation Psalm 86 before Your throne. Lord, we ask that You bend down to listen to
our prayers. In this nation we are in deep trouble; we are broken and humbled and in desperate need of Your help.
Guard our lives, for we are Your faithful friends, Your loyal servants for life. We turn to You in faith, our God, our
hero; come and rescue us in this nation! Lord God, hear our constant cry for help; show us Your favor and bring us to
Your fountain of grace! Restore joy to Your loving servants once again, for all we are is Yours, oh God.
Lord, You are so good to us, so kind in every way and ready to forgive, for Your grace-fountain keeps overflowing,
drenching all Your lovers who pray to You. God, won’t You pay attention to this urgent cry? Lord, bend down to
listen to our prayers. Whenever trouble strikes, we will keep crying out to You, for I know Your help is on the way.
Righteous Judge, there’s no one like You; there’s no other god as famous as You. You outshine all others and Your
miracles make it easy to know You. Lord Almighty, You are the one who created all the nations, including America;
look at all these nations-they’re all on their way!

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