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September 7, 2019
Women Of The Nation, our prayers are working! We are scheduling a meeting face to face with one of the state
senators in CA to discuss our prayer agenda and ask for her sponsorship so in 2020 we can go directly into the CA
State Capital with a WON Prayer Summit! I am very excited how the Lord is ordering our steps.
As you may have noticed I have stepped back these past six months reevaluating our strategy to pray and reach more.
We need more to join us; we need more voices to break the stronghold over our nation. We need better organization
on the state and local levels. America’s basic broken place is not on a national level but rather on a local level. Until
we awaken the individual ‘bride of Christ’ to find her position and her voice, until she arises and takes her place and
makes her voice heard then nationally we are powerless to change anything! I am calling on you to help me organize
a Women Of The Nation local group to meet monthly and pray together. Once we have some local groups praying
together, we can organize a Summit in your state and come together in unity, to bring about a state change for the
glory of God. This move of God cannot be built on a personality, or one person’s vision to change this nation back to its
founding purpose of ‘One Nation Under God.’ It must be a collective work of all of us doing our part as a body of
believers who love our nation and are willing to do what it takes to bring change through prayer, intercession,
declaration, and prophesy. Would you be willing to 1.) Invite more to join us through our web site to pray with us?
2.) Lead and organize a local WON Prayer group in your area and meet once a month to pray together? The
Scripture states that where two or three or gathered together in His name, He is there!

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