The Commander of Angel Armies will fight for us!

 In Prayers

September 21, 2019
Women Of The Nation! Pray!

The Lord will fight for America! We are Your people, Lord! Your word promises in Isaiah 31:4-9 that You will
fight for us! This is what Yahweh said to me: “When a lion, the great beast, growls over his prey, and when the
shepherds band together against him, the lion is neither terrified by their shouts nor disturbed by all the noise they make.
So will Yahweh, the Commander of Angel Armies, come down to fight for The United States of America upon our
worship and upon the hill we create through our worship! Rise up, oh worshipers and make His praise glorious!
Just as a bird hovers over its nest to protect its young, so will Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies, shield America.
He will protect her, deliver her, spare her, and rescue her! In the name of Jesus, God’s people in America will rise
up and worship the One true God as the God of our nation.
Repent and return oh people of God who live within the borders of these United States! People of America!
Repent and turn back to God, whom you have betrayed. For a time is coming when all people will throw away their
sinful idols of silver and gold and forsake all that their own hands have made. Our enemies will fall by the sword but
not the sword of man. It will not be man’s sword that will slaughter them but God’s! They will run from battle, and
their young men will be made slaves. Fear will cause our enemies to surrender their high fortress, and our enemies
will panic at the sight of us, God’s Kings and Priests, and desert their battle flag, says the Lord God of the fire that
burns in our worship and whose furnace burns in our nation bringing purification, righteousness, and holiness to the
forefront of this great and godly nation once again. Rise up oh daughters and worship the King of kings for He is
coming and we must prepare the bride! Take your position with your hands raised in worship. Stand still and see
the salvation of the Lord!

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