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December 28, 2019
This is our last prayer letter of the year of faith, 2019! We will begin the year of the redeemed, 2020 with a powerful
push of prayer and His word going forth over you and this nation.
Women Of The Nation, Pray!
God is on the move and I can feel His presence all around me even as I type this to you today. I am reading through
the Book of Isaiah in the Passion Translation over the next two months (66 chapters, a chapter or two a day). If
you want to read with me you can order from our web site if you don’t already have your copy of this beautifully
translated Vision Book of Isaiah. The power of the first few chapters has captivated my heart and I am purposeful
to slow myself down and meditate and study each chapter, not just reading to read, but reading to comprehend, hear,
see the reveal messages of the Spirit of Lord in each verse for us, God’s bride written in each word. We are making
a difference and God is raising up other groups similar to ours who are also praying God’s word over this nation to
unify and solidify this country and stop the ripping divide of the enemy. We must continue to strive to push through the
darkness invading our great land and bring the powerful light of God, His truth revealing the onslaught of the enemy
and stop the demonic forces in their tracks.
Let’s pray God’s word together.

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