2020: The Year of the Redeemed

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Happiest of New Year and New Decade!
Women Of The Nation,
What an awesome opportunity to begin again with both a new year and a new decade before us! I love every decade turn as it represents the next ten years before me. The number 10 in ancient Hebrew means ‘law, testimony, and responsibility.’ I believe we have God on our side through His covenant with us. We can legally stand before the Righteous Judge and expect righteous verdicts concerning our petitions, declarations, and prayers. The number 20 in ancient Hebrew is multifaceted in definition and I could write a book on this one number! Suffice it to say it means redemption. This is the year of the redeemed. 2020 is our double redemption year and 20/20 vision. I believe for clear and perfect vision for each one who is reading these words this moment. I believe for the Lord to give you a sign as He did for me at the beginning of this New Year. Let me give you a quick testimony and remind you to confess, believe, expect, and pray for what you need from the Lord. Don’t give up or change your confession. Don’t be like Naomi who spoke and confessed to all that her name should be changed from Pleasant to Bitter. Just call me ‘Marah’ she confessed and prophesied over herself. She decided to change her name to reflect her pain. DON’T DO THIS! Don’t give up or back down on what you have been praying and believing God to do! He is not finished! He is faithful to complete what He has begun.

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