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Women Of The Nation Pray!
In light of what is transpiring across our nation I want to remind you of a vision I had January 22, 2017. I wrote about it in chapter eight of my most recent book, Women Of The Nation, Pray! You can order or download it from our ministry web site www.salemfamilyministries.org
After searching the news each day for the spread of the corona virus as I am in my prayer chair, I always look up a US map picture to pray over every morning. This morning while I was looking at the map and praying my Spirit began to leap as I saw what I ‘saw’ in January 22, 2017.
Here is an excerpt from chapter eight.
“I was standing with my hands lifted, worshiping the Father, being careful to stay in the secret place as I worshiped and to not be distracted by anyone or anything around me. All of a sudden, I saw the Lord’s hands come around my head and both His hands were outstretched with two fingers, reaching into what appeared to be some sort of ‘curtain.’
He pulled back the curtain and I saw before me the United States almost like a huge map. As I was seeing this I was also being ‘caught up’ higher and higher as if to give me a better view of the entire scene. As I was high above the earth and looking down toward America, I could see the nation, with the Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Atlantic
Ocean on the east. I could see the Gulf of Mexico below, and the border of Mexico. I could see the Canadian border all the way across the width of the nation.

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