The Greatest Awakening in the History of the World

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May 1, 2020
Women Of The Nation Pray!
Father, we site these scriptures below as our precedent today as we stand in the gap and pray for America,
for her people, and most of all for Your people in this great land. Throughout history there have been times
when You have said there was not a man or woman who would stand in the gap, who would pray, who would
say what needed to be said in that great moment of history. But today, Father, oh Righteous Judge, there is a
remnant. We are a remnant of women and men who are willing to stand in the gap and pray. We stand for
our nation. We stand for this virus to be eradicated from our land. We stand for God’s people to awaken
and care! We stand in the gap and expect a revival like the world has never seen before to sweep across
America from the coasts, west and east, and both borders, north and south. We pray for revival! We pray
for a sweeping, weeping, reaping, repenting, turning revival for America and her church Lord. We stand for
churches to be reopened and not to go back to what people would call as ‘normal’ but for a GOD awakening
in every church, every denomination, every home, every family, every marriage, every school, every college
and university, and every business! We pray for the greatest awakening in the history of the world for You
and Your Spirit of Righteousness across this great nation.

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