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June 8, 2020
Women Of The Nation Pray!
You have not heard from me for a few weeks as I have been in deep intercession for this nation and God’s people within our borders. My heart cries out for God’s unfailing love to be established as the divine government over America and for justice and a longing to do and be right to be what we run to swiftly. (Isaiah 16:5) We had to postpone our Women Of The Nation/ Men Of Valor Emerge MI conference May 30 and instead we did a live virtual conference on our Salem Family Ministries YouTube channel. It has had over a 1000 views so for this I am forever thankful. Please find us on YouTube, subscribe to our channel, and watch and share this virtual conference from May 30th. There are many other videos that are based upon prayer and peace for our nation. Please help me by sharing these on your social media platforms.
Intercessors who were scheduled to pray in MI sent their prayers to us and we were able to pray small sections of them but the meat of each prayer was so beautifully written and prepared that some of these I want to share with you here to continue praying. One would think that our identity in Christ would be established as believers but as I continue to preach and teach over forty years now I still hear this as one of the main weak links in the thinking of God’s people. A teenage girl, Drew McKenzie, wrote the prayer below and was scheduled to stand before the conference and pray it. I want you to join her by praying it too. Many of the issues we are continuing to have here in America is because we continue to not know who we are in Christ or the power and authority that come with His name. Drew has a story; her past is hard and difficult but her identity is set looking toward the future and that is why I wanted to use her prayer today. Be encouraged! No matter what you have come through to get where you are today, your future is bright walking in the light of His identity and under the leadership established through God’s divine government of unfailing love!

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