The Onslaught on God’s People Must Stop!

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July 4, 2020
Dear Woman of the Nation, Watchman on the wall of intercession,
I have purposely been quiet over the last few weeks seeking His face and hearing from heaven. There is so much
turmoil within our land. The enemy has had a field day and the church at large has been relatively silent about it. It’s
time for the Lion of Judah to arise in all of us as we roar and awaken His sleeping bride! This is a desperate attack
by Satan and his demonic force to divide and conquer our land, our nation, and God’s people. We will not be divided
in the mighty name of Jesus. We are neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free, we are simply ‘His’
or ‘not His.’ We stand together and declare there is no separation here!
We have had to postpone yet another two weeks of services under the order of the Holy Ghost over the past few
days. It is not easy to follow His lead especially when we don’t necessarily agree with what He asks. Please
understand that I am saying we wanted to go and preach in both TX and MS but the Spirit of God said, ‘Wait.’
Therefore, we obeyed and we waited. Obedience is not about agreeing, or understanding, or needing an explanation.
Obedience is simply that, obedience. ‘Not my will, but Your will be done, Lord.’ That’s obedience, and in the days, and
season that we are in obedience can save your life, and mine.

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  • Kristy Curtin

    Thank you, what a blessing this letter is for me especially right now. I am in wholeheartedly agreement with your prayer!

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