Call to Arms

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Women Of The Nation, Pray!
Righteous Judge, we present our case before You in the cause of the restoration of a righteous America. We ask for the court’s indulgence as we cite scripture precedent before You. Your word says in Hebrews 13:3 that we are to remember the prisoners as if chained with them. We are to remember those who are mistreated as if we are being mistreated alongside them.
Your Word states in Psalm 146:7-10 that You, Righteous Judge, give freedom to the prisoners and You execute justice for the oppressed, and give food to the hungry. You go on to say that You open the eyes of the blind and you lift up those who are bowed down; You love the righteous, the upright in heart. You protect the strangers; You support the fatherless and the widow; You make crooked the way of the wicked. You shall reign forever! Make the wicked way so crooked that they cannot continue to move forward and they are stopped dead still in their tracks. Reveal their evil plots and plans and bring them to nothing in our nation.
We plead America’s case before You as we ask for righteousness and justice to be restored in our nation. We ask that lawlessness, injustice, and the sound of the antichrist’s voice(s) be silenced in every human who is yielding to wickedness. Remove those who have yielded to be played by the antichrist from power and authority and bring them down to the ground. Take away their positions of influence and restore order through Your angelic forces and Your righteous people!

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