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October 1, 2020
Women Of The Nation, Pray!
We are on the count down for the November elections across our land and as watchmen and women on the wall for God’s nation, God’s people, and God’s house we must stand in the gap and pray for this land. Don’t back off now, or get weary. It only takes a remnant of people to change the course of a nation, to begin a tidal wave of revival, to start a new sound, a new season, a new move of the Spirit of God within our borders!
Righteous Judge, we stand before You in unity as a remnant group of called and anointed intercessors, witnessing for the defense of our great nation. We cry out for justice, honesty, and fairness to be preserved through the upcoming elections. We know that You set kings in place and we cite Your scriptures as precedent here in Your courts. Your word states in Proverbs 3:21 that we are to not let wisdom and understanding out of our sight, we are to preserve sound judgment and discretion. Sound judgment and discretion will be life for us, an ornament of grace on our necks. Then we will go on our way in safety, and our foot will not stumble. We plead the court for sound judgment and discretion to replace the spirits of stupidity and fear that are running rampant through our nation and we bind these demonic spirits of chaos, confusion, division, stress, stupidity, no common sense, and no discretion. Sound judgment, Father, must be restored here in the American people and we ask Your courts to send angelic warrior forces to maintain the peace in our land, and push back the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places that have been unleashed in full force against this great nation. We, America, are ‘One nation under God’ and we declare and decree that it will remain positioned under You, Almighty God, and that freedom reign here.

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