United We Stand; Divided We Fall

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November 1, 2020
Women Of The Nation Pray!
We are in a heavenly fight like has never been before, I believe. The spirit of division straight from the pit of hell has been unleashed and is sweeping across our nation. Ragash, the spirit of rage, who has been the stronghold over America, is losing ground. We are taking his ground away from him and his stronghold is coming down! Breakthrough is imminent as we bombard the court of heaven with our prayers filled with love, unity, and the power of our God to restore righteousness to our great land.
Our prayers are making a difference. We now have a Supreme Court Justice confirmed and in her place, filled with Holy Ghost! She is a confessing born again Christian, tongue-talking, Spirit-filled woman of God! Could we have prayed for more? It’s only the beginning of what God can and will do for America! Let’s keep praying and believing for God to move as we stand together. We may have our cultural and even doctrinal differences between us but we have determined that those differences can be celebrated not simply tolerated. We welcome the diversity of thought, but we have one common thread that binds us tightly together. We all believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and the only way to heaven. He is THE ONLY WAY; there is no other. On this one binding belief we stand united as one voice in the court of heaven. Thank you for staying with me over the past months when the enemy has tried everything possible to bring division.

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