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February 1, 2021
My women warriors for God’s kingdom, it’s time to take our stand on the wall of intercession for this nation once again. So much has happened so quickly and yet the Holy Spirit has held me back from writing to you a new prayer this month. I believe the prayer sent on January 1st was supposed to be prayed the entire month! I hope you are printing each prayer and putting it in a place your eyes easily see it, and remember to continue praying.
America needs our prayer coverage more than ever right now. People are panicked and nervous about this on-going virus, the vaccine, the elections, and on and on it goes if our eyes are on anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ, our reigning King! We must discipline ourselves to stay the course, and never be distracted by the constant nagging storm of people’s voices all around us crying out for us to ‘look over here!’ Focus on the One in front of you who is leading; follow Him only, His voice, and put your feet in His footsteps!

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