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Women Of The Nation,
We stand together and uphold His word of power with our faithful prayers. We believe as we pray that we are making a difference! Let’s continue to pray together using God’s word as precedent in the court of heaven before the Righteous Judge.
Let’s pray together!
Oh, Righteous Judge,
We bring Your word and we pray together in Your court as we use Psalm 94 to remind You of a prayer prayed long ago and is still sounding in Your throne room. O Lord God, You to whom vengeance belongs, o God, You to whom vengeance belongs, shine forth in judgment! Rise up, o Judge of America and give to the proud a fitting compensation. O Lord, how long will the wicked, how long will the wicked rejoice in triumph? They pour out words, speaking arrogant things; all who do evil boast proudly. They crush Your people, O Lord, and afflict and abuse Your heritage. They kill the widow and the alien and murder the fatherless. Yet they say, “The Lord does not see, nor does the God of Israel notice it.” Father, we cry out! Notice what evil man does in our land!
Consider thoughtfully, what the senseless and stupid ones among the nation, the dull minded fools who continue to rule in power, Father, remove them from over us and cause them to become wise and have understanding! Father, You made the ear, hear us! You formed the eye; see us, Righteous Judge! Look at Your people, and look at this nation. He who instructs the nations, will You not rebuke and punish those who continue in such evil? You know the thoughts of man, that they are a mere breath of vanity, empty and futile. Help America, Lord!

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