A Mother’s Day Prayer

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Women Of The Nation, Pray!
As we approach the time and season when we celebrate motherhood I felt we should focus our prayer over the next two weeks towards the mothers of our land. As we cry out together in agreement for the Lord to move over America let us pray fervently for those who are rearing children, future fathers and mothers, future husbands and wives, and future great leaders of our God given nation. We celebrate our mothers and we stand in the gap for each one, and that includes you, mothers, who are reading and praying this prayer and these words. We celebrate you! Thank you for standing with us linked arm in arm ever circling our great nation,
border to border and coast to coast! We are a great army whom the Lord has raised up for such a time as this.
Let us pray together!
Righteous Judge,
We approach Your throne of grace and mercy for all the women in our great land. We ask that you send angelic forces to help fight through the second heaven for each mother. We ask that the miracles and breakthroughs that have been held up in the second heaven be released as the angelic forces come into battle and open a portal from heaven to earth! We bind the demonic forces that have been assigned to steal, kill, and destroy the answers, the miracles, the breakthroughs that so many mothers are praying and believing for their children. Mothers are mothers Father, whether their children can still sit on their lap and hold their hands or the children are grown and have their own children. Mothers will always be the strong water you have put in the lives of each and every family member. Mothers bring the word forth that ever washes over and over each member of the family, particularly, over each child, causing the rough edges, the jagged points of the rocks of our lives to become smooth. Mothers stand in the gap and believe for their children when everyone else in the world has given up on them and walked away. Mothers will stand in the gap between rivaling siblings, and quarreling children to bring peace to their homes. Father, we ask that You bless every mother over the coming weeks. We ask that You strengthen the arms of the American mothers to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. As Zechariah so eloquently said in chapter 8 and we cite this chapter as our legal precedent for America and her mothers
today, Lord.

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