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July 4, 2021
Women Of The Nation Pray!
Freedom is never free; somebody, somewhere paid a price for freedom. We have what we have in this land because someone went before us, a lot of someones, and they fought for it. People have had to fight for it ever since so that you and I can live in this ‘land of the free and home of the brave.’ It takes bravery, much bravery for freedom to reign. Yes, someone fought for our freedom and now it’s time for us to fight for the next generation’s freedom. If we don’t stand and fight in the Spirit, watchmen and women on the wall as intercessors for America then our grandchildren will never know what we have known, or experience what we have experienced. They won’t know what it was like to get in your car or truck and drive from state to state without the proper traveling government papers. They won’t know what is was like to have the honor to vote for elected officials. They won’t know what it’s like to have so many choices of products in store after store because of ‘free enterprise.’
It’s July 4th weekend and I am asking you to do more than go to the lake, or have a picnic, or a cookout. I’m asking you to pray. When you gather with your friends and family ask them to join you in praying for this great nation. So much of our freedom is being threatened even now. A year from now will you be able to get on a plane or go to an event without proof of a covid shot? If we don’t pray and open our sees the enemy is going to waltz right in and take what we have taken for granted, our freedom.
So, Women Of The Nation, will you pray with me for freedom? Will you ask your family and friends to pray this 4th of July? How hard can it be to ask those you love to take your hand and agree with you for God to be the God of America?
Watchmen and women on the wall of intercession, may you ‘See and Say.’ See what God has for us in the future and pray with power and the fire of His presence in spiritual warfare. Like it or not, THIS IS WAR!

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