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August 3, 2022
Women Of The Nation, Pray!
Joshua 23 is the chapter when Joshua is now 110 years old and he knows he won’t be living on earth much longer. He makes his final message to the nation of Israel and I believe it is something we need to be praying over America as well.
Righteous Judge, I hear the words of Joshua ringing in my spirit as we pray together for our nation, America. You have given us all the land from border to border and from coast to coast. We have taken possession of it. Someone before us received it, fought for it, conquered it, and lived in it, taming a wild land into the beautiful cultivated nation we enjoy today. We receive this land and nation as our inheritance from You! Yahweh, our God, You will absolutely keep Your promises to us. You will drive out all our enemies and make them retreat before us so that we may possess this land and not lose it to the darkness that would try to prevail against us.
We hear Your command to be strong and steadfast. We hear Your warning to be careful to obey fully what is written in Your word and we will not deviate from it. We will not intermingle with the nations that are left among us nor speak the names of their gods when we take an oath. Father, Your words are clear and we have broken them over and over again as a nation. We have intermingled and allowed the heathen culture to influence the minds of Your people. Forgive us, Lord, for spending more time being influenced by Hollywood, government, and media of all sources, more than You, Your Spirit, and Your Word influencing us. It is no wonder the people of America have been filled with fear. They have broken all Your rules, and not heeded Your warnings and that’s Your people, Father! We are not speaking of those who don’t know You as Lord. We repent for those who say they know You!

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