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To my amazing Women Of The Nation Prayer warriors!

Please forgive me for the six month gap in our prayers. It has not been without thought of you every day I have been silent! You are on my thoughts and in my mind, even in my daily prayers. I know most of you already know the war that Harry and I have been in since August 21, 2021. At the beginning of the year when the Word of the Lord came to me and I shared on our Salem Family Ministries YouTube channel that the Lord said for 2021 to “Brace Yourself!” I did just that and prayed and sought His face and stayed in His presence. But nothing could have prepared me for what was to come when we both got the Covid virus in August.

Harry and I fought side by side for the first eight days. I was so sick on the eighth day I felt my spirit rising out of my body. I had just enough strength to grab it and command it to get back in my body. That was the day I defeated death once again and I began to get better from the ninth day forward. But on the ninth day Harry took a turn for the worse and his breathing became severely affected. I managed to get all the tools necessary to keep him at home, (home oxygen concentrator, etc.). But a week later no matter what I did I could not get enough oxygen for his needs. He went to the hospital and was there for eleven days.

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