A Call to Arms Through Prayer

June 8, 2019 Women Of The Nation, Pray! It’s time for a call to arms through prayer! Jesus’s words are powerful and I want us to call forth in unity and unison the sounds of His own words used [...]


Arise and Take Your Place!!

May 25, 2019 Women Of The Nation, Pray! I feel an urgency to gather the remnant of our army of warring women worshipers to arise and take our place. If you will help me by asking one more woman [...]


Case Closed!

May 11, 2019 Women Of The Nation, Pray! Let’s pray together. We call those things that be not as though they were. Romans 10:17 TPT Faith, then, is birthed in a heart that responds to God’s [...]


We Stand in the Gap!

April 27, 2019 Women Of The Nation, Pray! I am endeavoring to make these prayers a bit shorter for you so you can print them out, and post them in front of your eyes and pray them throughout the [...]


The Whole Earth Is Filled With Your Glory!

April 13, 2019 Women Of The Nation, Pray! Father, for our precious land we call home, our America, we pray Your word from Psalm 72 and we ask that You make our president a godly judge like You. [...]


Slow Down and Listen!

Women Of The Nation, Pray!Our first North Carolina WON Summit begins this weekend in Morganton, NC with host Pastor VangieMcLendon. There is history in this city that has mandated we begin here [...]


When We Worship God, We Become His Image

March 16, 2019 Women of the nation, pray! God is on the move in our land and we must learn to focus on His glory and not on all the things that are happening around us. I am not saying we are to [...]


God Is On The Move!

Women Of The Nation Pray! God is on the move; His glory is rising! In my prayer time I see Him high and lifted up over our nation and Ibelieve it is because of our prayers and the prayers of [...]


Praying for the Women of Our Generation

February 18, 2019 Women Of The Nation we must pray! I feel a deep cry within my spirit to research all the women of our generation with spiritual, natural, political, and cultural influence and [...]


Standing on Your Word as the Founding Mothers Before Us!

Last weekend when Arizona Summit began, we entered the courtroom of heaven with worship before the Righteous Judge. As we presented our requests we stood with our foot on the enemy’s head [...]